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Meet the Team

LEXITUSA - The Latino Awakening

#LEXIT USA is a grassroots movement created on November 2018, and officially established in Texas, USA on July 2019. #LEXIT USA's Mission is to help Latinos exit the liberal left and embrace conservatism and conservative values. Our Values are our most important goal to defend our Conservative values for God, for Family, and for Country (in that same order). LEXIT USA is focused on building an outreach efforts in communities across America to share our story and provide focused messaging to the Latino community. Our core purpose lies on educating Hispanics accross the US.  We welcome all our non-Latino conservative allies to stand with us as we #LEXITUSA. LEXIT USA is not, nor ever was a one-man show, it is a National Organization.


LEXIT USA Ambassadors and Leaders. WARNING NOTE: The official representatives for LEXIT USA
are ONLY these represented below.  If you do not see them here they are simply imposters. 

Speaker 4

Angel Rivera

New York State Ambassador

Speaker 4

Mayra Flores

Texas State Ambassador

Speaker 4

Ronnie Lucero

New Mexico State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Weston Martínez

National Media Correspondent

Speaker 2

Carli Eli

National Faith Ambassador - GA State

Speaker 2

Lou Pimber

Arizona State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Cubby Gonzales

National Spokesman

Speaker 2

Victor Jorge

Ohio State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Fernando Rodriguez

Pennsylvania State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Kevin Rivera

Florida State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Edward Crespo

California State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Rev. Francisco Burgos

National Faith Ambassador, MA State

LEXITUSA Advisory Board

LEXITUSA Directors

Speaker 3

Reynaldo Torres

National Chairman & Principal

Speaker 5

Betty Cardenas

  National Director & Principal

Speaker 3

Mairen Torres

National Secretary

Speaker 4

Sylvia Guzman

National Director, Political & Financial Strategist

Speaker 4

Shane Byrd

National Director & Legal Counsel


The LEXIT  USA is an active partner dedicated to helping Hispanics register to vote based on their Conservative values. Fill our Sign Up form if you wish to volunteer time and energy to help increase Republican Latino Voter Turnout. You will receive credentials, once vetted, to our calling system, which is loaded with Latino Voter data. You can work as little or as much as you want, according to your schedule and free time. All activity is tracked. Metrics will be collected. Thank You for your interest, and expect to hear from us soon, after you submit this form.


The Boots on the Ground 

Speaker 3

Duke Machado

Strike Force National Director

Speaker 5

Darlene Brienza

Strike Force Assistant Director

Speaker 3

David Torres

Strike Force Strategist


Contact Us

Please contact us and let us know how we may help you.


4206-A 50th Street PMB 98
Lubbock, TX 79413


(516) 208-3052

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