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LEXIT - The Latino Awakening

#LEXIT is a grassroots effort to help Latinos exit the liberal left and embrace conservatism and conservative values. #LEXIT is focused on building an outreach efforts in communities across America to share our story and provide focused messaging to the Latino community. We welcome all our non-Latino conservative allies to stand with us as we #LEXIT. LEXIT is not a one-man show, it is a MOVEMENT!


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LEXIT Movement Ambassadors and Influencers

Speaker 4

Angel Rivera

New York State Ambassador

Speaker 4

Mayra Flores

Texas State Ambassador

Speaker 4

Ronnie Lucero

New Mexico State Ambassador

Speaker 2

Arturo Whipple

National Youth Ambassador

Speaker 2

Carli Eli

National Faith Ambassador

LEXIT Advisory Board

LEXIT Movement Leadership Advisory Board

Speaker 3

Reynaldo Torres

LEXIT National Chairman & Principal

Speaker 5

Betty Cardenas

LEXIT National Advisor & Principal

Speaker 3

Luis "Elyon Army" Rodríguez

LEXIT National Advisor & Contents Creator

Speaker 3

Mairen Torres

LEXIT National Secretary

Speaker 4

Sylvia Guzman

National Advisor, Political & Financial Strategist


  • Absolutely! We welcome everyone and refuse to have exception of persons who stand with LEXIT and wish to let their conservative values known.

  • LEXIT needs your help now more than ever. Please click on the "Donate" button at the top right corner of your screen.

  • No! LEXIT is not a one-man or small group show. LEXIT is a National Movement under the management of its own Advisory Board.

  • We collectively support organizations that wish to re-elect Donald J. Trump. However, there is only one Offical LEXIT Movement (MADE IN USA). Many may make a "claim" to be part of our organization; however, they simply are not (MADE IN CHYNA'). If you do not see their names or faces on this page, they are not affiliated in any way, shape or form, to the Official LEXIT Movement.

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